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Location Support / Line Production / Creative / Talent / Permits / Carnet / Logistics
Work with people who understand Global Cinema and its diverse requirements
India is the only country with all 6 Ecological Seasons

We understand the complexities involved with the foreign shoots in India. We have made this process much simpler and faster than ever before. Why us? We are bringing in diverse high-end global talent available in India with a heightened level of professionalism in line with global standards.

India Shoots can advise you on locations, subsidies, grants, approvals and handle your productions effectively and efficiently in an unobtrusive yet hassle-free manner.

We handhold you to line produce your films organizing wide-ranging film and television equipment, crews, trained manpower, all logistics including a range of lodging–boarding options, transportation, all production-related services and support anywhere in India.

We create a hassle-free environment for film shoots taking personal care of you, your cast, crew and the equipment including custom clearance of the equipment, safe passage of the exposed stock, etc.